Amy Kopchynski


Sienna Home Group

About Amy Kopchynski

First and foremost I am the mother of an amazing little girl who I love to be with every minute I possibly can. My passion and desire to be the best I can be every day comes from knowing I am one of the biggest influences in her life. When it comes to Real Estate and Homes, I absolutely love finding people their perfect home and creating their perfect idea of a home. I have a degree in interior design which has been very beneficial to my clients. When my Clients can't visualize what they are looking for, I have the ability to help them visualize it within each home or I am able to help them create what they are explain after they get into the home. I am ready to help you find your perfect home and help you build a place to make memories. If you are ready to sell your home I am able to stage and present your home in a manner that appeals to the majority to get it sold quickly. Sometimes the smallest touches make a world of difference, let me help you get your home ready to sell to its new family. I love the idea of everyone having the home they always dreamed.